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Hi. I’m Trevor!

The Best Basketball Blog in the World - 2017

Basketball is Life. Never stop living your Hoops Dreams.

This is world’s third-best basketball coaching blog and even better, this page is an archive of my best basketball coaching blogs, playing articles, and stories taken from 12 years of pro basketball, European championships, and real-life stories about getting cut from the NBA.  If you want to just receive the world’s third-best basketball coaching blog, sign up here: 

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Why is this the third-best basketball coaching blog in the world?

Because I’m honest about the failures, tiny moments of joy, depression, sadness, anxiety, complete and utter thumb-sucking trauma that an athlete endures.

Because I articulate the thoughts that go on in my head during a championship game, my NBA failure(s), and how hard I was to coach as a kid due to my dad divorcing my mom and leaving me alone to try and be an adult (just saying, it could be one variable).

And also, because I’m weird, odd, unconventional, sail boats in the Caribbean, enjoy laughing at myself, travel, work, and get fit unconventionally.

Also, if you want to read about from the start of my best basketball coaching blogs, then just click that link and start reading from start to finish. 

While I can’t stand junk mail, I try to offer my readers true stories about my experiences in the moment, from experimental basketball fitness to learning how to be a pro athlete and even helping coaches learn coaching ideas that don’t exist right now. 

This is the best basketball blog about playing 1 v 1 around the world, teaching kids, and adults the game of basketball!

Maybe one day, I’ll be the 2nd best basketball blog in the world…

To sum it up, what’s the point of having the third-best basketball coaching blog archives in the world if you don’t actually share anything worthwhile? I aim to change that with…





  • While I don’t know why or how you got here, I for one, seriously enjoy slow traveling around the world (and the USA) to train myself or other people. But listen, I don’t even stop there. I give you more because that’s what my mom taught me to do: to always give more.