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The archives of how to stay true to yourself.

When people say stay true to yourself, what do they mean? Why even say it? I mean, aren’t we all just trying our best to stay true to ourselves? To live free? To reach our dreams? To hit our goals? To be happy? To be financially wealthy? To love and be loved?

Stay True to Yourself

Stay True to Yourself 2017

The truth is, a many Americans suck at knowing what staying true to yourself really means.

I try to live unconventionally, take lessons from my life of slow traveling the world playing pro basketball, or adventure traveling, and applying it to your own game. From growing wild wizard beards, and basically, just being honest about what my life feels like so you can also start enjoying the stay true to yourself game. I’ll be posting all my shameless stories, adventures, and humorous insights to living free and true here.

How to stay true to yourself articles, travel stories, and personal growth practices below on many different topics:


  • One Secret to Know if You Want to Live Happy
  • Dare to live.
  • Fall in love the right way.
  • Live free.
  • Live your dreams.
  • Be different. 
  • Master stuff quickly.
  • Travel the world slowly.
  • How to live on a boat in the Caribbean with no sailing experience.
  • How to join a pro athlete team training Chicago.
  • Failing admirably.
  • Growth mindsets.

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